Anarchy: The Basis for a Civilized Society, Part 2

The position that there need be a state is too often taken for granted. The main body of Sartwell’s book Against the State is dedicated to destroying the arguments for a state from the likes of Hobbes, Rousseau and Hegel. In fact, one thing that becomes crystal clear in reading Sartwell’s book is how bad …


Anarchy: The Basis for a Civilized Society

Crispin Sartwell is someone you should know. He is doing important work in recovering forgotten greats in America’s anti-authoritarian tradition. Among other works, he’s put forward a lean and powerful book titled Against the State. In what follows, you’ll see why he’s my favorite living philosopher. Sartwell will take you on an intellectual tour de …


Anarchy in the Holidays

One of the best features of the holidays is that many government offices are shut down. Peace on Earth, indeed. I’m travelling for the next few days. On the roads, the police presence is minimal to none. Somehow we all get by. The private sector is humming and happy. What is the private sector? It …